Actress Malvika Raaj Reveals her Diwali plans for this Year

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“We will go around and feed all stray dogs to make sure they’re alright” Says Malvika Raaj As she Reveals her Diwali plans for this Year

Malvika Raaj, or better known as the little, cute innocent girl who played the role of Pooja from the superhit film ‘’Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is increasingly gaining attention as she steps into the field of aacting yet again. After wowing all with her powerful performance in ‘Squad’, she is marking her place in the industry and earning a good reputation for herself.


She talks about her plans for this year’s Diwali. “I am a strong believer and preacher of NO crackers on Diwali. I 100% agree on a sound and pollution free Diwali. There’s also my little doggy at home, who gets petrified. My heart hurts to see him like that. I can’t even image how tortured our stray dogs would be.This Diwali night, we have thought of going for a drive and feeding all the stray dogs in our  vicinity and making sure they are ok”.

For Malvika, who is an ardent lover of animals, Diwali is about spreading love and happiness for all, be it humans or innocent beings. When asked what else she loves about the festival, she adds,” Diwali is a festival of lights and light represents hope. I always attend pujas at my friends’ place. I find it so calming and I love the positive energy that it gives. Eating sweets and having tons of happiness and laughter with Family is what Diwali is for me.”

She wishes her fans saying “Happy Diwali everyone. I wish you all to have a sweet, safe and sound free Diwali. Lots of love to all”

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